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KR1 is an entrepreneur friendly investor supporting founders of innovative decentralised technology projects.

KR1 has one of the best reputations in the industry as well as a growing community of its own enthusiasts, who are actively participating in portfolio projects. Here is a small selection of some of the entrepreneurs and founding teams that we collaborate with:

KR1 has been a long term supporter of Acala from the very beginning, their vision of Polkadot and the wider ecosystem has been invaluably insightful.

(Comment given during Acala's seed funding round in early 2020)

Bette Chen

Co-Founder of Acala

We are really excited to be supported by KR1 as we build out our vision of a decentralised insurance mutual company. Insurance mutuals companies are naturally focused on the community and the KR1 team have been a key member of the Ethereum community from the very beginning, so we could not think of a better partner to have.

(Hugh about KR1 during Nexus Mutual’s seed funding round in early 2018)

Hugh Karp

Founder of Nexus Mutual

KR1 has a strong track record of investing in Web3 technology that moves the industry forward, from Ethereum and Polkadot's early days to the DAOs and DeFi platforms emerging today. We are happy to join their portfolio of investments and welcome their valuable insight as we continue to build and grow the Moonbeam smart contract platform to deliver Ethereum interoperability and compatibility with Polkadot.

(Derek on KR1's backing of Moonbeam’s seed funding round in 2020)

Derek Yoo

CEO of PureStake, developing the Moonbeam Network

The KR1 team are pioneers in the crypto investment space and first discovered Enzyme (then, Melon) in 2016 before we were even looking to raise capital. KR1 offers much more than capital, they understand the challenges entrepreneurs face and have been around long enough to prove that they are there for their portfolio companies during the ups and the downs. This unique combination of skills and experience sets them up as the best kind of investor and mentor a founder could ask for.

(Mona on joining the KR1 plc Board of Directors in 2021)

Mona El Isa

CEO of Avantgarde Finance

It is great to have the support of KR1, as one of the first blockchain investment companies in the world, their network and expertise has already proven very useful. They have also backed many projects close to our hearts including Grin, Chainspace and Polkadot. We are proud to have Nym take a place in their portfolio and we look forward to being able to spend more time with KR1, Binance Labs, 1kx and all our other supporters as we build out Nym.

(Harry on KR1 during Nym’s seed funding round in 2019)

Harry Halpin

CEO of Nym

We are in the early stages of fluid programmable value formation on the web. In the coming decades, we believe that finance will take the form of an open-source code, with developers becoming the new bankers and decentralized applications the new banks. HydraDX is an effort enabling borderless and permissionless finance built on the premise of frictionless liquidity. We are proud to have been joined by investors of high caliber, among them KR1, who understand our vision.

(Mattia during HydraDX's seed funding round in 2020)

Mattia Gagliardi

Co-Founder of HydraDX

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